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Notes on The Fause Knight upon the Road



This is #3 in the Child cannon. The air is #3C (as in the previous version), but the words are #3A. Although Child (1882-1898)CPB (vol I, p22) quotes Motherwell as the source, he has edited his version slightly (mainly by adding quote marks and removing apostrophe marks). I have used motherwell's version.

The air is the same as the previous version (attributed to a Miss M. Macmath). It doesn't officially go with this version of the words, but I think the scanning of the two sets of words are close enough to make them fit. Interestingly, Motherwell does provide an air for this ballad, but not for this set of words.

All that is known of the origin of the text is that, according to Motherwell, it is a "Gallwegian tale".

Note - with regards the text, after the two first verse, Motherwell shortens the two chorus lines (2nd and 4th) in subsequent verses. I have provided the complete lines.

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