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Source material (in the public domain):

These are the public domain sources for all the airs and tunes, songs, ballads, and romances on this site (NOTE - except where indicated, to the best of my knowledge all these are in the public domain).

BGEM Baring-Gould, S. (1834-1924), Fleetwood Sheppard, H. (1824?-1901),  Bussell, F. W. (1862-1944), and Hopkinson, W. H. (?-?), English Minstrelsie, (Edinburgh T. C. & E. C Jack, Grange Publishing Works, 1895-1896). Subtitled A National Monument of English Song. Eight volumes. I currently have all volumes except 5. (Note - Volume I undated. Volume II dated 1895.Volume III dated 1895. Volume IV dated 1896. Volume VI dated 1896. Volume VII undated. Volume VII undated.)
It should be noted that these volumes are not fully out of copyright in the UK (and therefore not fully in the public domain). It is my understanding that the general editing done by Baring-Gould should be out of copyright (and in the public domain), as should all arrangements by Fleetwood Sheppard. Those by Bussell are still in copyright. Those by Hopkinson are uncertain, as I haven't been able to determine any information about him. Therefore, only the airs arranged by Fleetwood Sheppard will be used. There are also other "composed" airs, not arranged by any of the aforementioned. I may decide to use these if  (again) I can determine whether they are out of copyright.
BNM Bruce, J. Collingwood (1805-1892), and Stokoe, John (?-?), Northumbrian Minstrelsy (Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1882). This being A collection of the Ballads, Melodies and Small-Pipe Tunes of Northumbria.
Note - Despite the fact that the life of Mr John Stokoe remains a mystery, I have been informed (in writing) by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle Upon Tyne (the publishers), that this book is no longer in copyright.
CPB Child, Francis James (1825-1896), The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, (Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1882-1898). 5 volumes, each in 2 parts.
This was originally published in a limited edition of 1000. Although there have been facsimile reprints of the original volumes published - e.g. Dover Publications, Inc. 1965 - all transcriptions taken for this site are taken from an original edition. The number of the copy  used is #785.
GMB Guest (afterwards Schreiber), (Lady) Charlotte (1812-1895), The Mabinogion (J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd., 1906, reprinted 1910).
1906 edition of a work originally published in 1849 (with Welsh text and English translation, in three volumes), and in 1877 (English text only in one volume).
The edition I have is part of the Everyman's Library (edited by Ernest Rhys), and has an introduction by the Rev. R. Williams, M.A. I presume the edition I have is identical to the 1877 one, but with the addition of this new introduction.
JSM Johnson, James (1750-1811), The Scots Musical Museum, (Edinburgh. vol I - IIII; Printed & Sold by JOHNSON & Co. Music Sellers, vol V & VI; Printed & Sold by JAMES JOHNSON Music Seller, 1787-1803). Six volumes.
(I only have five volumes - volume III is missing).
KTT Kidson, Frank (1855-1926), Traditional Tunes, (Oxford: Chas. Taphouse & son, 1891).
This was originally published in a limited edition of 200. Although there have been facsimile reprints of the original volume published, all transcriptions taken for this site are taken from an original edition. The number of the copy  used is #10.
MWM Motherwell, William (1797-1835), Minstrelsy: Ancient and Modern, (John Wylie:—Glasgow, 1827).
MTE Murray., James A. H. (1837-1915), The Romance and Prophecies of Thomas of Erceldoune, (London: Published for the Early English Text Society, by N. Trübner & Co, 1875).
(It is of interest to note, although of no particular relevance, that Dr Murray was also the first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.)
PRP Percy, Thomas (1729-1811), Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, (Sixth Edition. London: Samuel Richards and Co. Grocer's Hall Court, Poultry, 1823). Four volumes.
Late edition of Bishop Percy's famous Reliques. When first published in 1765 there were only three volumes. I currently have little information on the Sixth Edition. There is an Advertisement to the Fourth Edition present, but nothing specific for the Sixth.
SBM Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832), The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. - Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, (Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1880). 4 volumes. Also called Border Minstrelsy.
Originally published 1802-1803, various changes were made in later editions. The version used, although printed in 1880, is based on the edition of 1833, edited by J. G. Lockhart (1794-1854). There is no indication of any subsequent editing.
SFS-III Sharp, Cecil J (1859-1924), and Marson, Charles L (1858-1914), Folk Songs from Somerset - Third Series, (London: Simpkin & Co., Ltd. Scott & Co. Taunton: Barnicott and Pearce, Athenæum Press, 1906).
SFS-IV Sharp, Cecil J (1859-1924), Folk Songs from Somerset - Forth Series, (London: Simpkin & Co., Ltd. Scott & Co. Taunton: Barnicott and Pearce, Athenæum Press, 1908).
SFS-V Sharp, Cecil J (1859-1924), Folk Songs from Somerset - Fifth Series, (London: Simpkin & Co., Ltd. Scott & Co. Taunton: Barnicott and Pearce, Athenæum Press, 1909).

Source material. Manuscripts:

These are manuscripts where I've acquired material. Again I assume that my usage of them to be in the public domain.

MS-BLA Blaikie MS. 1578, in the National Library of Scotland.
One of the Thomas the Rhymer manuscripts. I obtained a photocopy of the relevant page of the manuscript from the NLS.

Reference material (in copyright):

Although this material has not been used as direct source material, it is material I have used during my researches. (NOTE - it is my assumption that the works are still in copyright).

BPS Burns, Robert (1759-1796), Poems and Songs, (Oxford University Press, 1969, reprinted 1988).
The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns, edited by James Kinsley (1922-1984).
One of the few poetical collections that contain airs. Many of these are from Johnson's The Scots Musical Museum JSM, to which Burns was a major contributor.
BTT  Bronson, Bertrand Harris (1903-1986), The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, (Princeton University Press, 1959-1972). 4 volumes.
(I currently have the first three volumes of this work. Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to obtain a copy of the fourth.)
KCS Karpeles, Maud (1885-1976), The Crystal Spring, (Oxford University Press, 1987). With Guitar Chords by Pat Shaw.
KIF Karpeles, Maud (1885-1976), An Introduction to English Folk Song, (Revised by Kennedy, Peter) (Oxford University Press, 1976, (with revisions, 1987).).
KOB Kinsley, James (1922-1984), The Oxford Book of Ballads, (Oxford University Press, 1969, reprinted 1989).
QOB Quiller-Couch, Arthur (1863-1944), The Oxford Book of Ballads (Oxford, At the Clarenden Press, First Edition 1910, Reprinted 1941).
WTV Woods, Frederick, The Oxford Book of English Traditional Verse (Oxford University Press, 1983).

Meta-reference material. Manuscripts:

The following are some of the manuscripts used by the original compilers. I add these more for curiosity than any particular reason. That said, for songs and ballads, they often refer back to the original singers from whom the tunes and/or words were transcribed. Two points to note; firstly, the references are as given in the texts mentiuoned above, and are assumed to be accurate and not to have changed. Secondly, I have not seen any of these manuscripts, and am unlikely to do so.

MS-ABS Abbotsford MS.,1783-1830. Sir Walter Scott's collection. These include;
- "Scottish Songs" (1795, Seven ballads with airs and three fragments. According to Child, all the ballads seem to be altered copies of those of Mrs Brown of Falkland, Aberdeenshire.)
- "Scotch Ballads, Materials for Border Minstrelsy" .
MS-CAM MS. Ff. 5. 48. in the University Library, Cambridge. (The Cambridge MS.)
One of the Tomas off Ersseldoune manuscripts.
MS-COT The Cotton MS., Vitellius E. x.
One of the Tomas off Ersseldoune manuscripts.
MS-JB Jamieson-Brown MS., mostly taken down from the mouth of Mrs Brown of Falkland, Aberdeenshire, by Professor Scott of Aberdeen, around 1783.
MS-LAB The Lansdowne MS. 762, in the British Museum.
One of the Tomas off Ersseldoune manuscripts.
MS-MOT Motherwell's MS., 1825 and after. "A folio, almost entirely in Motherwell's hand, containing, besides some pieces not indexed, 228 indexed ballads. Most of these are from the West of Scotland, but not a few were given to Motherwell by Buchan and are duplicates of copies which occur in Buchan;s MSS. In the possession of Mr Malcolm Colquhoun Thomson, Glasgow" (Child, 1882-1898, CPB, vol V, p398).
MS-RTB Ritson-Tytler-Brown MS., ballads sung by Mrs Brown of Falkland, Aberdeenshire. A transcript by Ritson of a manuscript presented to William Tytler by Mrs Brown in 1783.
MS-SLB Sloane MS. 2578, in the British Museum.
One of the Tomas off Ersseldoune manuscripts.
MS-THL The Thornton MS. in the Library of Lincoln Cathedral.
One of the Tomas off Ersseldoune manuscripts.

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