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Notes on Early one Morning



Baring-Gould quotes a Mr. Chappell to the effect that "If I were required to name three of the most popular songs among the servant-maids of the present generation, I should say, from my experience, that they are Cupid's Garden, I sow'd the Seeds of Love, and Early one Morning. I have heard Early one Morning sung by servants who came from Leeds, from Hereford, and from Devonshire, and by others from parts of London." (ibid, p. xvii). Garing Gould also states that "The words are found in a good many old song-books, but the tune was first published by Mr. Chappell". The Mr. Chappell Baring-Gould refers to is William Chappell, who published a book called "Popular Music of the Olden Time", in 1859.

I have ignored the piano accompaniment and just given the air for the text. In a change to normal practice, I have given all four verses with the air. This is due to verses two and four starting on a different partial, and the chorus being slightly different as well.

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