The Gleeman

Notes on Tomas off Ersseldoune



[Please note; this work is currently a "work in progress". As the work contains many "old" characters, including a few of which cannot be displayed naturally in HTML, I am having to almost transcribe this work character by character. This is going to take some time!]

A collation from five manuscripts, ThorntonMS-THL, CottonMS-COT, LansdowneMS-LAB, CambridgeMS-CAM, and SloanMS-SLB. Murray set these out, comparing them line by line. The Romance of Tomas off Ersseldoune covers the same material as the ballad of Thomas the Rhymer (True Thomas). The Romance is longer, and is divided into three fyttes. The first fytt covers the same ground as the ballad, while the other two cover the prophecies. Sloan only contains the prophecies. (See Murray (1875)MTE, page lvi et seq. for mode details on the manuscripts).

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