The Gleeman

Notes on Taliesin



A well-known story from Lady Charlotte Guest's famous translation of The Mabinogion. This is sometimes called the "Hanes Taliesin".

This "Romance" can be found in many places on the web. I have published yet another copy here to add something Welsh to this site - most of the other content  (ballads and songs) are either Scottish or English in origin.

(Note - the two footnotes in Lady Charlotte Guest's original are both marked "1", as they are on separate pages. Clearly this will not work here, so I've had to mark the second footnote as "2").

For those who would like to read Lady Charlotte Guest's The Mabinogion in it's entirety, a Project Gutenberg eBook is available and can be found at (although this does not contain the extensive notes appended to the paper edition of the book).

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