The Gleeman

Notes on Lord Bateman



This is #65 in Sharp's Folk Songs from Somerset series (the third). It is also included under #53 in the Child cannon (Young Beichan). There are similarities between this variant and the previous one (from Kidson), and as with the previous one, Child (1882-1898)CPB doesn't seem to have this variant, although (again) #53L (vol I, pp476-477, vol II, pp508-509) comes close.

Sharp and Marson got the words and tune from Mr. Henry Larcombe, of Haselbury-Plucknett.

Regarding the arrangement, I have taken the liberty of removing the piano accompaniment and only providing the air for one verse. As for the text, Sharp and Marson do not indent the second and fourth lines in each verse, so neither have I.

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