The Gleeman

Notes on Lay the Bent to the Bonny Broom



This is #1A in the Child cannon. The text  is almost identical to the version supplied by Bruce and Stokoe. Indeed, I have used the score for the previous version (as supplied by Bruce and Stokoe) although it does not quite fit the words. I have included it so that a comparison can be made between the two versions.

Regarding the text, Child states that it is from  "a. Broadside in the Rawlinson collection, 4to, 566, fol. 193, Wood, E. 25fol. 15. b. Pepys, III, 19, No 17. c. Douce, II, fol 168 b. d. Pills to cure Melancholy, IV, 130, ed. 1719.".

Bruce and Stokoe state that the air is "from D'Urfey's works, and is supposed to be the original and ancient tune".

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