The Gleeman

Notes on Gil Brenton (Lord Bengwill, or, Lord Bingwell)



This is #5F in the Child cannon. His source for the text was Motherwell's MS.MS-MOT, p219. Regarding the air and accompanying verse, all Motherwell will say is that it is one of numerous versions (and to see Herd's Ballads and Border Minstrelsy). As can be seen, the air and accompanying verse do not quite match the text supplied by Child. However, I've taken the liberty of linking them all together as Child references Motherwell's text in the notes prior to #5F. Point to note; Motherwell records the air and corresponding text separately. My adding of the two together may not be ideal. Due to the number of verses, I have kept with tradition in leaving out the chorus lines.

I have titled the ballad Gil Brenton, as this is the main heading for #5 supplied by Child, and Child doesn't supply any other for this variant. Motherwell confuses matters further by entitling the stanza Lord Bengwill, while entitling the air Lord Bingwell. Within the ballad itself (as supplied by Child) reference is made to Lord Brangwill.

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