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Notes on The Douglas Tragedy



This is #7 in the Child cannon (Earl Brand). The variant here is #7B, and Child(1882-1898)CPB (vol I, pp100-101) notes Scott as the source. That said, there are a few minor typographic differences between the version in Scott and the version in Child. (For example, in the final line of the final verse, Scott has "flang'd" whereas Child has "flang't". By was of comparison, Motherwell (1827)MWM, who uses Scott's version (pp182-185) also has "flang'd", as does Bronson (1959-1972)BTT (vol I, pp109-110).).

Regarding the source, Scott seems to have primarily used printed sources; "The copy, principally used in this edition of the ballad, was supplied by Mr Sharpe. [Charles Kirkpatric Sharpe, esq.] The three last verses are given from the printed copy, and from tradition" (p4).

Note - in typesetting the score, I have ignored the piano accompaniment that Scott also provided. The linebreaks are also different. The lyrics on the score are as the text, except the "now" in the first verse is missing. Regarding the text, in my copy of Scott, the full-stop at the end of the sixth verse is missing. This may be due to poor printing as it is present in Child and Motherwell. I have added it.

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