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Please note the following:

  1. The site is undergoing a revamp after having been left for a number of years. The original site has been preserved though, and can be found at The current site is work-in-progress.
  2. The site was originally developed on Windows XP and tested against IE6 SP2 and Mozilla 1.7.6! I have subsequently moved to using Gnu/Linux (LMDE XFCE to be specific) using Firefox and Chrome. The site will be tested against these.
  3. Printing - when printing the pages with scores and text, the links at the bottom should not be visible when printing. (The public domain copyright notice also goes, as this is more specific to this site; to distinguish public domain material from that which is copyright).
  4. Printing - to remove the standard browser header/footer, use the "page setup" menu option (for both IE6 and Mozilla). Do remember to take a note of these to restore afterwards!
    The standard ones (on my system) seem to be;
    IE6 Header - &w&bPage &p of &P
    IE6 Footer - &u&b&d
    Mozilla Header - | Title | --blank-- | URL |
    Mozilla Footer - | Page # of # | --blank-- | Date/Time |
    (These instructions are out-of-date!)
  5. To download the Midi or LilyPond files, use a right mouse click on the relevant link. A normal (left mouse) click on the Midi will open the relevant application (for your browser) for playing Midis!
  6. The score image can be saved either by using the link provided or by using the right mouse click on the score image. in general, the text (without numbering) can be saved either by using the link or by highlighting the text (with the mouse), and copying and pasting to a text file.
  7. I have avoided using Javascript in any of these pages, so having Javascript disabled should not affect the site in any way. However, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used. Even here, there should be little effect if they are disabled - the main effect will be that links will be visible when score/text pages are printed.
  8. So that the score/text page is kept clean (for perusal and printing), background notes on the airs and songs are written in a separate page.
  9. The only images used on the site are the images for the scores and the Creative Commons symbol with the Copyright statements. There are all in .png format. The images for the scores were originally created as transparent, for flexibility of use. However, I've had to re-create them non-transparent as (i) transparency in IE6 doesn't work (yet) for .png images, and (ii) although they display correctly under Mozilla, when printed they come out as a solid black box.
  10. LilyPond ( was used to generate the .png scores and the Midi files. Under Windows, this can be installed either using the provided Windows installer (versions 2.6.x and later) or  using Cygwin ( (version 2.4.6). The scores produced by LilyPond were cropped using the Gimp ( Again, the Windows version was used (
  11. Although the Midi files were generated by Lilypond, Lilypond is primarily a music notation engraver. I have noted that sometimes the Midi playback does not always reflect the score. For instance, ornaments (trills and grace notes) may sometimes be missing. As the Midi playback is to give an idea of the melody, this is not a serious issue.

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